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NIGHTRUNNERS is selected for Zanzibar International Film Festival!

And it’s official!

NIGHTRUNNERS has been selected for ZIFF, the 2015 Zanzibar International Film Festival!

ZIFF runs July 18th – 26th and is the biggest in East Africa.  Last year’s attendance was over 200,000.  The opening film is Ava Duvernay’s Oscar nominated film, SELMA, so we’re in great company!

We’ll give you more news as we have it, but for now, check out those beautiful laurels!!

Congratulations, everyone!

Onwards and upwards!

If Films Were Children

The idea for Nightrunners was born shortly after my volunteer trip to Rusinga Island in early 2011.  But it didn’t become real in my mind until we returned to Rusinga for the first scout trip in the summer of 2012.  This is incidentally when Mama Benta’s granddaughter was born.  And they named her Rowan.

Yesterday, I received a picture of “Little Rowan” from John Geddes.   Little Rowan is not so little anymore.  So it’s interesting to think that the film, Nightrunners, and the child, Little Rowan, are essentially the same age.

This is how long Nightrunners has been growing.

Kind of puts things in perspective, really.

ps – Isn’t she beautiful??

Throwback Thursday

We can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have our first finished feature film.  It’s just that amazing.

It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago, we were up to our elbows in pre-production, getting ready to head over to Rusinga Island, Kenya to film.  Aside from all of the usual paperwork and meetings and table reads, there were immunizations, passports photos, plane tickets and … maps.  We created maps to send to worried partners and parents:  THIS is where we’re going.

So for Throwback Thursday, here’s a little piece of the past.  HERE is Rusinga Island on a map.

Today’s Tusker toast!

While filming Nightrunners in rural Kenya, we often wrapped up our days (or nights) with toasts of Tuskers, Kenya’s finest brew and a crew favourite.

Today we marked the final playback of our sound mix sessions at the Royal Theatre with another Tusker toast.  Thank you to our amazing sound mixers, Steven and Christopher, for putting it all together.  We only wish that our Kenyan teammates could have been there to share in the celebration.

We are so excited to share Nightrunners with you all.  Soon.   Very, very soon.

For now, cheers to a (nearly) finished film!

The Final Sound Mix

We are going into Day 3 of the final sound mix for Nightrunners. That’s pretty awesome all on its own.  But what makes it even more exciting is that we get to mix our movie at the Royal Theatre in Toronto!  So we’re putting the whole soundscape together in the environment that it will actually be played in.  Seriously.  Who gets to mix their film in a 400 seat theatre? Oh yeah.  We do.

Fostine Opiyo Odhiambo selected as Kenyan Executive Producer!

We are very pleased to announce that Fostine Opiyo Odhiambo will assume the late Mama Benta Odhiambo’s role as Executive Producer for the film, NIGHTRUNNERS.  Fostine has been involved in the project from the earliest stages and we are all very proud to have him in this new role.   You can read all about this incredibly talented and charismatic man in the Crew Bio section of our website. Welcome, Fostine!

Such pretty colours… (or “colors” for our American friends) !

We at Nightrunners are celebrating Halloween with our final day of colour correct.  On this spooky day,  we will be putting the finishing colours on our spooky film!   Next week, our music should be completed.  And the week after will be our final sound mix.  It’s all coming together.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Lucky for us, editor Elyse Saley has joined the Nightrunners team. Read her bio here!

Elyse has over eight years of experience in the television industry in Toronto. Working her way up from assistant editor to editor, she has gained ample experience in documentary, lifestyle, reality and most recently, film. Her work has aired on many networks across Canada and the United States, including Oasis HD, Discovery World Canada, CTV, Animal Planet and Travel+Escape.

Nightrunners is Elyse’s first feature film and it definitely won’t be her last. By opening the doors to the scripted world, Elyse has realized her true passion and hopes to be a part of creating many more features in the future.

We’re updating the Crew bios

We’ve started updating the Crew Bios section with all of our Kenyan team members.   Mama Esther, Ibrahim and Gilbert have been added.  Many more are yet to come.  Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Knee Deep in Post-Production

You haven’t heard from us for a while.  We’re sorry!  But the good news is that (since we’ve been locked in a dark room for several weeks) we finally have a complete rough cut.  Our composer is now working on the soundscape.  Our editor is still tweaking.  VFX quotes are coming in.  And we’re finally looking at when we can return to Kenya for our pickups  and b-roll.  Hello to all of our Kenyan friends!  Congratulations on the continued success of the Little Stars students.  We look forward to seeing you all soon.


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