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We’re updating the Crew bios

We’ve started updating the Crew Bios section with all of our Kenyan team members.   Mama Esther, Ibrahim and Gilbert have been added.  Many more are yet to come.  Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Knee Deep in Post-Production

You haven’t heard from us for a while.  We’re sorry!  But the good news is that (since we’ve been locked in a dark room for several weeks) we finally have a complete rough cut.  Our composer is now working on the soundscape.  Our editor is still tweaking.  VFX quotes are coming in.  And we’re finally looking at when we can return to Kenya for our pickups  and b-roll.  Hello to all of our Kenyan friends!  Congratulations on the continued success of the Little Stars students.  We look forward to seeing you all soon.

By popular demand, here’s another shot of Neville.

Neville Misati, our male lead in Nightrunners, is heading for big things.  He’s one of Kenya’s top young actors:  talented, driven and an absolute professional.  He’s also… incredibly hot.  Throughout filming on Nightrunners, we secretly tried to take a bad picture of him.  We failed.  Here’s Neville at the Kisumu airport in Kenya on our final day of filming.  We’re all exhausted, the sun is blistering on the tarmac and Neville looks cool, calm and collected.  Star quality.

Flashing back to Day One!

Flashing back to Day One on the Nightrunners set on location in the fishing village of Rusinga Island.  Look at those fresh faces.  Just before the first shot of the first day, our director, Rowan Nielsen poses with our two Canadian leads, Mandi Nicholson and Grace Glowicki.  Contrast those bright eyed looks with their expressions in upcoming photos from later in the shoot!

Who needs generators?? Not us.

Another challenge while filming in rural Kenya: a power source.  Most homes and businesses on Rusinga Island still don’t have electricity.  Generators are expensive, hard to find and very noisy.  But here’s a photo of our devilishly handsome and incredibly talented male lead, Neville Misati making use of the ultimate location power solution: a modified car battery!  Clean, portable and quiet.  Every problem really is an opportunity.

Learning how to check for pupil dilation.

While we didn’t have budget for key positions like Art Director, Script Supervisor, Hair, Makeup or an AD department, we DID have our very own On Set Medical Advisor. Here’s Dr. John A Geddes showing us how to check for pupil response. Mandi was a trooper that day as she had several people poking her in the face take after take.  But the scene will be amazing.

Check out the fishing village on Rusinga Island, Kenya!

fishingvillagefishingvillage3We had the privilege of filming in many incredible locations on Rusinga Island.  One of our favourites was a local fishing village.  We shot several scenes here both day and night and always felt welcome and safe. We’ve uploaded a few pics for you to enjoy.

Back on Canadian soil. With a film!

We’ve been neglectful.  And we’re sorry.  It turns out that making a movie is kind of exhausting work.  Who knew?

We are back from Kenya with several hard drives worth of movie magic on our hands.  Now it’s all about the editing – and a little recovery, too.

Our facebook page ( ) has received a little bit more attention.  So you can always head there and “like” us to make sure that you get the latest news at the earliest hour. But we promise to make up for the delinquency here.  Pictures soon.  Really.

Kenyan actor, Neville Misati, joins the NIGHTRUNNERS team!

We are thrilled to announce that Kenyan actor, Neville Misati, has joined the NIGHTRUNNERS cast in the role of MICHAEL.

Neville is a Kenyan actor/singer/voice artist and a student currently pursuing a Diploma in Mass Communication at Multimedia University Kenya. He has had the pleasure of acting in local and international television shows such as BE THE JUDGE, HIGHER LEARNING, MALI and SHUGA:LOVE,SEX & MONEY. He is also a very active theatre performer in Nairobi and was part of the cast of The Theatre Company which travelled to London for the Globe to Globe Festival with the Play, “Wanawake wa Heri wa Windsor”, a Kiswahili translation of Shakespeare’s, “Merry Wives of Windsor” which was also performed in India last month.  Neville plans to grow and nurture his talent and the talents of many other people and showcase it to a global audience.

Only 36 hours left!

Calling all fans of Nightrunners!  We have only 36 hours left in our crowd-funding campaign for our film.  Every single dollar counts.  And you’re not just funding a film – you’re aiding an island!  Follow the link for more info.  Share it. Tweet it. Email it.  Just get the word out!  The clock is ticking…


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